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 Dino Cavallone FC!

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Chiavrone Undici
Chiavrone Undici

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PostSubject: Dino Cavallone FC!   Mon 02 Feb 2009, 23:48

Welcome to the One and Only Dino Cavallone FanClub!
Dino (ディーノ, Dīno?) is the 22-year-old tenth generation boss of the Cavallone Family (キャバッロネファミリー, Kyabarrone Famirī?) which is part of the Vongola Family alliance.[89] Dino is a young man with great skills as a fighter and a leader. Reborn's chameleon Leon created his main weapons, a whip and Enzo,[52] which is a turtle which grows in size and rampages when soaked in water. Like Tsuna, Dino, at first, was a klutz who did not want anything to do with the Mafia, but became a suitable Mafia boss after Reborn became his home tutor. He came to be known as "Bucking-Horse Dino" (跳ね馬ディーノ, Haneuma Dīno?) ("Bronco Dino" in Viz's translation) and fixed the Chiavorone's financial problems, turning them into the third most influential family. Dino, however, is so devoted to his family, that when none of his family members are around, his skills decrease dramatically, often accidentally hitting people with his whip and falling down the stairs.[89] Dino becomes Hibari's home tutor before the Vongola Tournament, and travels with him around the country in order to train him

Headleader: Archlight

Dino Cavallone Merchandise!




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Dino Cavallone FC!
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