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 Banking and Shops Rules and Requirments

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PostSubject: Banking and Shops Rules and Requirments   Wed 14 Jan 2009, 01:59

Banking Rules and Requirements:

1) If you are making a shop, you have to post here and put the following in:
-Name of shop

And give up 100 points to set up shop.

2) To all customers, if you are buying anything from the shop post here first to pay:
(eg. You are buying a sprite from someone, post:)
-What item is
-From who
-How much points

3)You may also give away points.
4)DO NOT DO FAKE Transactions, or you will be immediately reported and warned.
5) Do not beg, it's useless. Just ask through PM and don't ruin everything. By the way, it's your fault if they get annoyed at you.
6) Remember not to post example of your work for GFX, cos they can easily steal it. But if you do want to, you may post it. The thieves will be warned straight away when seen with your items, but if they post the items somewhere beyond the forums, you're on your own.

The point of the shops:
People can sell things in the shops to gain more points. But when something is bought, then they can claim it as their own (this does not apply for coding items). So for example; I buy a sprite from a certain person. Buying that sprite means I own the sprite now, and he can't claim it as his own.

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Banking and Shops Rules and Requirments
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